Archived Meeting Notes

Notes from the WVMA board meeting for District 1

1)       Waukesha's VMA has Grand Rounds where they discuss topics and specific cases - you are invited: WVRC 2nd Tues of every month at noon.

 2)      The option to have technicians "with experience" take the test to certify, is now going to continue past the 2010 original expiration date.  This may be changing in the next couple years, so if you have technicians wanting to take the test - please address this!   An interesting fact: the pass rate for "on the job experience" vs. a 2 year tech program is 25% vs. 85%.

 3)      The dog licensing hearing for the Milwaukee area is: Thursday, Sept. 30, 6-8 p.m., Havenwoods State Forest, 6141 N. Hopkins St., auditorium.  Please attend and support the legislation that we have worked so hard on, that will greatly affect the veterinarians and our relationships with the shelters and breeders!   You can find news releases on this issue at  NOTE: an example of issues that will affect the veterinarian: as the new health certificates are put into effect - these new health certificates will be required to include full medical information on each shelter animal (vs. just checking a "healthy" box!), including: full exam of all systems, vaccine records, illnesses and treatments. There will be some info (Q&A) at the WVMA Convention at the "Fifth Quarter" after the tradeshow reception.

 4)      The Heartland Conference (The leadership conference for the 13 midwest states) occurred last month in Chicago.  They have notes on their website from the event including information to be used by clinics.  Please take a minute to look at their slide shows.

 5)      The WVMA is encouraging disaster preparedness by the clinics, clients and communities!  We will be funneling AVMA information to help with this:

Emergency Preparedness and Response - 400 page reference for veterinarians, technicians, and practice managers

Saving the Whole Family - planning resource for clients

Disaster Preparedness for Veterinary Practices - brochure that outlines key planning elements

 6)      Project Breathe is a new program sponsored by Invisible Fence, where they are offering a free ($60 value) kit of three different sizes of oxygen masks with appropriate tubing, etc. to any fire house interested.  WVMA is partnering with them to advertise this wonderful program.   It is a new program was kicked off in WI on Sept. 11, 2010.

 7)      WVMA fall convention (October 8-10) has a great line up!  If you can attend, it will be worth your time and investment.  Please see the WVMA website if you haven't received your packet of information and are interested in attending.

 8)      The WVMA is trying to develop some possible webinars or teleconferences put on by their legal counsel to help cover common issues of our members.  Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new way to benefit from your WVMA membership.

 9)      This is my last year as the District 1 Representative on the WVMA Executive Board.   If you are interested in the position (a four year commitment), please contact the Milwaukee VMA to be put on the ballot!



Highlights from the January 2010 WVMA Board Meeting, From Lisa Kluslow, DVM, your District 1 Representative

 1)      The new accreditation rules will go into effect in 2010.  If you currently are accredited to perform health certificates by the USDA, you will need to renew by August 2010.  This will renew your accreditation - but then, they will start staggering renewals over the next 3-5 years that WILL require refresher training.

Additional info at

 2)      Please note, if you are seeing pets that have been brought up from Haiti, they may be coming in unrestricted (and finally working their way up to the Midwest).  Be aware of diseases that we aren't used to seeing (i.e. Swine Fever, African Horse Sickness, and Screw worm in small animals).

 3)      Remember the Red Flag Rules are soon to be in effect!!!  Informed Consent is also in effect - so, if you have questions or need help or templates, there is further information on the WVMA website.

 4)      This year the veterinary students in Madison are hosting the SAVMA symposium!  It is an honor to have them here and a great opportunity to show your support for the upcoming graduates.  They also are looking for any volunteer support they can get.  The dates are March 11-13, 2010.  Please see their website for more info at

 5)      This year's WVMA Legislative Day is open to everyone!  This is a great opportunity to see how our state's government functions and to make a difference for the issues that you care about.  Please contact WMVA directly if you are interested attending on March 4th (at the capital in Madison).

 6)      We have recently been informed by the Department of Regulation and Licensing, that complaints against non-veterinarians can now be taken up with their department.  In the past, complaints had to be made directly to the local authorities, who were often too busy to get involved.